Our Story


Nutwood Farm’s manager, Beverley Carruthers, began planting her magnificent orchard of more than 200 Chestnuts and Walnuts in the 1980s.

Three generations of the family now work on Nutwood Farm.

Every year from early to mid March through to mid to late April, Nutwood Farm is open on weekends for Pick your own Nuts. Check this website and our Facebook page for details closer to the season.

Our chestnuts – grown under organic conditions with no fertiliser or chemicals – are nutritious and filling. They have a delicate flavour and are great fun to roast around an open fire. Walnuts of course are a real health food and it’s recommended to eat a few walnuts each day. They also keep for a very long time and are delicious with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A day spent in the fresh air at Nutwood Farm will also guarantee a good night’s sleep, not to mention the kids! You’ll find it’s a very quiet car trip home as they slumber in the backseat.

This region is notable for its beautiful mix of bush and rainforest. Mount Irvine was settled in the late 1890s. A basalt capped mountain, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable, located on the edge of the Wollemi National Park.