Nutwood Farm is now closed until March 2025.


What should I bring to Nutwood Farm to pick chestnuts and walnuts?

In short, gloves and tongs.

We supply buckets – and have some old gloves and bbq tongs as well – but it’s good to bring your own as they help you avoid the chestnut burr prickles. Tongs with longer handles can also save your back from bending over to pick up the nuts from under the trees.

We supply complimentary netted bags once you’ve bought your nuts – but if you remember, throw in an eco friendly bag to take your nuts home in. Or you can buy one of ours. Bags made of linen or cotton that are breathable are the best for storage – not plastic.

What type of clothes should I wear – especially shoes?

Closed shoes or boots are best made from a solid material like Gortex, leather or canvass. Chestnuts have sharp burrs/prickles. You’ll also be walking over grassy paddocks. It’s safer and more comfortable to be in good walking shoes. Nylon runners are fine – but they can be pierced by the prickles (unlike more sturdy footwear).

Anything else?

We recommend longer style shorts/pants/skirts, and a long-sleeved shirt to protect you from the sun/weather. Please bring a full water bottle. SPF sunscreen is handy, as is a cap or wide-brimmed hat. If it looks like rain, toss in waterproof footwear, a rain coat and umbrella. Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable.

What will I find at Nutwood Farm?

A beautiful 50-acre property with around 220 trees – mainly chestnut trees and some walnut trees. The orchard was planted by the farm’s owner, Beverley Carruthers, from the 1970s. We’re biased – but this is a truly beautiful region, with Australian bush, temperate rainforest, and rich basalt soil. There’s next to no development at Mt Irvine, so you won’t find cafes, or shops – but you will enjoy plenty of fresh air and lovely scenery.

The nut orchard is about 200 metres from the car park – it’s all flat ground, but it’s grass, and the paddocks can be slightly uneven to walk on.

We have two toilets available to the public, just near the car park.

We try and fire up the wok (pending how busy we are) so people can sit around and roast their nuts on site if they like. There are also free nuts going on the wok!

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome as long as they are well-behaved. They must be kept on a leash at all times. And please pick up after your dog.

Can I bring food or a picnic?

There is a small picnic area roped off from the cars in the parking lot, where you are welcome to picnic. We don’t allow picnics in the actual orchard. We do not have large rubbish bins – we ask that you do not litter, and kindly take all your rubbish home to dispose of in your own bins. Please do not dispose of it at Mt Wilson: The bins cannot cope with the overflow during the busy autumn months, when many people visit. Please respect the communities of Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine and do not litter or leave rubbish along roads, nor next to bins that are too full.

Anything else I should know?

The parking area at Nutwood can get busy – be aware of cars, and keep your children under close supervision. We ask people drive at 20km on the property to keep everyone safe. We also ask that guests:

  • Do not under any circumstances climb the trees.
  • Do not throw things at the trees to dislodge nuts – you might accidently hit someone.
  • Keep an eye on where you’re walking – watch out for wombat holes, and uneven ground in the paddocks.
  • Ensure your kids are under close supervision as there are animal drinking troughs on the farm, and puddles of water can form when rain is heavy.
  • The nearest hospital is a good 60-minute drive away – please respect the rules at Nutwood for your own safety and that of other guests.

What else can I do in the area?

There are many orchards and places of interest along Bells Line of Road, particularly around Bilpin. The Harvest Trails and Markets website is a terrific resource – just type in “Hawkesbury”. Mt Wilson also has glorious autumnal colours, gardens, lookouts and parks.

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